Gaming I/O Solution for Mini-ITX Motherboard

The Mini-ITX platform has also been a commonly used platform for gaming applications. Combining an I/O card with a Mini-ITX provides a level of flexibility and at times a lower cost.

In total, the ACE-MINI contains our ACE-B2019 PCI bus Gaming I/O card, a power supply and an enclosure which is designed to carry any Mini-ITX motherboard. The core of this solution is its PCI bus gaming I/O control card. It provides 30 optical isolated digital inputs and 27 high current digital outputs, 512KB SRAM, 3 serial ports, intrusion logger and software protection. These features cover most of the necessary device control interfaces that are required in a gaming machine.

The most valuable part of ACE-MINI is its free software development kit. The software development kit contains API, device drivers and a demo program to support Windows XP embedded and Linux operation systems.

The innovative design of ACE-MINI allows it to support most Mini-ITX motherboards. acrosser also offers a low cost Atom N270 motherboard as an option for ACE-MINI series.


Industrial PC ,gaming platform ,network appliance

Industrial PC ,Gaming platform ,network appliance


Features of ACE-MINI
● Digital Input: 30 x optical isolated and 5 TTL level input for door switch with intrusion logger
● Digital Output: 25x 500mA , 2 x 1000mA
● 4 x 16-bit Timer
● 3 x RS-232 serial ports
● 8-liner golden finger interface
● ProtectU and iButton socket for software security
● 512KB SRAM with battery low monitoring
● Secured real time clock
● One 8-bit readable DIP switch
● Metal chassis with 180 Watt power supply
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