Acrosser’s Fanless 3.5 Inch Embedded SBC AMB-N280S1 is the most inquired-about embedded board of all time!


Since 2013, there has been one embedded board that has caught global attention. It was so popular that acrosser had to make a product film just to let everyone get a closer look at it. Acrosser believes that its No. 1 embedded SBCAMB-N280S1, is worth introducing worldwide. The AMB-N280S1 single board computer comes with an Intel Atom N2800 processor 1.86GHz and NM10 PCH chipset. There are three main features that explain why AMB-N280S1 stood out among other products.

Space-saving design with uncompromising graphic performanceThe debate over power consumption versus performance has been going on for a while, but Acrosser strikes a fine balance on AMB-N280S1. The adoption of an Intel Atom Processor allows for better graphic performance without consuming more power. Secondly, the large heatsink provides great thermal conductivity in the board for the most efficient heat dissipation. In addition, AMB-N280S1’s small form factor (dimensions: 146mm x 102mm) makes it a great mini embedded solution.

Rich I/O connector for diverse application

Given limited space, AMB-N280S1 takes full advantage of its 3.5” surface. The board offers one VGA port, one LVDS header and one HDMI port each for video output, with an uncompromised 1920 x 1200 (LVDS 1366 x 768) resolution that supports dual displays. We placed one Mini PCIe on both the top and bottom sides of the board, which adds versatility to the board’s application. Not only that, but 6 COM headers and 4 USB also allow for diverse peripheral connection and use.

Variety of usage for industrial application

Thanks to its small form factor, AMB-N280S1 has triggered vast business interest in the following applications: medical deviceskiosk, and automated vending machines. AMB-N280S1’s steady thermal structure has also won the hearts of lab researchers planning to integrate the board into environmental monitoring systems for analysis use.

With Intel reassuring customers of the longevity of its CPU supply, the product life of AMB-N280S1 can last at least another 5 years, making the board an economic option for system integration. Please do not hesitate to send us inquiries if you need more information about the board. No wonder Acrosser’s AMB-N280S1 is the most inquired-about embedded board of all time!

Here’s our AMB-N280S1 Product Film:

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