Cleaner, Faster and Smarter!

Mobile Asset Management System

‧Recycle collecting Truck (Ireland, UK, USA)
AR-V6002FL works as database center.
‧Installing RFID technology in all trucks. Once the bin is picked up, system will identify the ID and communicate back to the server (Waste management) through 3.5G/4G, also link data to the customer account as indicated below.

As urbanization continues to expand, the overpopulation in cities inevitably puts pressure on waste and recycling authorities. Therefore, keeping our cities clean is of the UTMost importance in civil affairs. Implementing a multitasking computer can boost the deployment of garbage truck pick-up services. For example, route planning, weigh bridge control, materials sales, and job dispatch are common tasks performed during waste management services. Despite customers’ varying time needs for trash pick-up services, the job dispatch center can always arrange a cost-effective route for each garbage truck.

At the same time, workers can use RFID technology to automatically identify and document the correct trash bins using the accurate numbers. By standardizing and automating waste collection services, we can bring ourselves one step closer to an improved way of living.

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