Panel PCs are widely used as Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

acrosser Technology, a world-leading industrial computer manufacturer, introduces its AR-PA707FL-D2550 series fanless panel PC for diverse industrial applications. With an Intel® Atom D2550 platform as its base, this LCD Panel PC is built for customers looking for low-power consumption hardware. In addition, the silver-aluminum front bezel panel is IP65-certified to ensure the system is dustproof and waterproof. Currently Acrosseroffers several mainstream screen sizes: 7”, 8”, 10” and other sizes up to 21”. acrosser also offers an alternative model with an Intel® Atom N2600 platform base to cater to users’ varying needs.

Panel PCs are widely employed in public transportation. They can be used either as kiosk solutions in-station, or as digital signage that provides information and advertising services on buses or tramways. Its fanless design makes the Panel PC an appealing commercial solution, which passengers can enjoy the contents on screen without being distracted by the noise of the machine. Yet another popular industrial application of panel PCs is industrial automation. In areas such as factories, food & beverage production lines, packaging or logistics chain lines, and warehouse management, panel PCs are widely used as Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). Please contact your nearest Acrosser sales team for price and availability information.

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Fanless 7″ Panel PC: AR-PA707FL-D2550

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