In the telemedicine integration solution released by Acrosser in vehicle computer AIV-QM97V1FL

Medicine 4.0 include cloud computing and big data. Not only can it be used to collect and analyze data and

prevention plans, more and more medical instrument requires high-speed data acquisition, analysis, and processing.In cab computer  As electronic medical record applications become more popular, once electronic medical records are leaked or tampered with,car computer it will bring severe legal disputes between doctors and patients to the hospital. Therefore, network platform safety has become a key focus for hospitals.

Importing a WLAN wireless system in the hospital building will allow doctors to view various information of the patient by the sick bed in real-time simply with a tablet. If an abnormal situations occur, wireless methods can be used to notify the doctor immediately so that the doctor can make appropriate adjustments. The use of WLAN will reduce maximum wait time for patients, increase the satisfaction level of the patients, and also increase the doctor’s work efficiency for making rounds. Applying IoT to medical treatment means connecting closer with big data.

In terms of roadside assistance, changes in traffic conditions are extremely complicated; the use of wireless communication between the ambulance staff and medical staff at the hospital must be smooth and uninterrupted in order to achieve an effective rescue. Telemedicine can be expected in the future where surveillance systems will be used to perform remote healthcare in order to reduce the cost of care, and it will promote continual growth of remote surveillance applications in the future.

In the telemedicine integration solution released by acrosser  in vehicle computer, ultra-thin 45mm  Vehicle Computer  AIV-QM97V1FL is used for smart ambulances that can be used for fleet management to remote data processing applications. It uses a fan-less design and is equipped with Intel’s third generation Core i ULV and the HM76 chipset, processor, and 2 DDR3 SO-DIMM memory totaling up to 16GB. It also supports CAN 2.0A/2.0B protocol and i-Button for driver ID. Acrosser  Vehicle PC   also equipped several wireless communication modules to increase the transmission capabilities between the rescue data, management center, and hospital. In addition, an in-vehicle All-in-One connector is designed that can be used to equip the Acrosser In-Vehicle Touch monitor in order to simplify the installation of a touch monitor and satisfy fleet needs.

Standard functions of  In Vehicle PC   AIV-QM97V1FL include: controlling the temperature during vehicle operation, 3G, 2.5” HDD bracket, and the delay time range that can be set for power on/off in the BIOS is between 0 seconds ~ 60 minutes. These are all-important elements for smart ambulance management.

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