Were born to fit in various spaces and small size of industrial computer or embedded computer

acrosser Technology, a world-leading networking appliance supplier, has comprehensive networking appliances series to help Factory Automation and Industry 4.0 come true. From automation application to intelligent industry, Networking is definitely the first step. Enable all equipment get online and connected to realize agile production, not only can make changes quickly to produce more effectively but also can monitor inventory status to reduce risks immediately. Who can smart use and manage all existing facilities will be the winner in the market.

Fit in various spaces and meet diverse applications!

Acrosser Mini-ITX motherboard and 3.5” SBC, under Single Board Computer series, were born to fit in various spaces and small size of industrial computer or embedded computer, also to meet the needs of diverse applications. They are low power consumption and offer sufficient COM ports to suit a wide range of automation applications.

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single board computer: http://www.acrosser.com/Products/Single-Board-Computer.htmlhttp://www.acrosser.com/Products/Single-Board-Compu

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